Peaceful and well grounded, focused on advertising’s latest trends. And the rest ninety five percent of the day, we make Awesome happen!

Who we are

Soho Square, the fastest growing global network within the WPP group, was established in Athens in 2011. We are a genuinely multi-discipline integrated agency containing multi-skilled individuals with an open-minded, assume-nothing approach to solutions.

At Soho Square we reject the usual way of doing things.

New Approach

We believe that the approach of many conventional advertising agencies is generic and outdated and certainly not integrated.

Open Minded

We work with a genuinely open mind, using whatever talent is necessary to take advantage of every opportunity. This gives us the freedom to apply a more liberated style of thinking which we call "Wise Radicalism"

Wise Radicalism

Wise Radicalism dictates that we look at every situation on its own merits and do whatever is necessary to be most effective. We never ever start with a predetermined solution in mind.

Strategic Requirements

Our first and most important duty is to understand and take a holistic view of a client's business to help them solve strategic business issues not just communications ones. However big or small the task, our work always complements strategic business requirements.

Wide Perspective

Our approach goes well beyond the usual realms of advertising and communications, but to us, taking a holistic view of your business is the best way to get the job done properly.

Common Sense

It combines innovative thinking with common sense and experience in order to make a tangible difference to the choices and purchase decisions consumers and opinion formers make every day.